Connecting Xero to Novel

Step 1

Navigate to your Novel organisation page and select the Apps tab at the bottom of the sidebar. When on the Apps page, you can connect your organisation to Xero.

Step 2

Selecting Connect to Xero will redirect you to Xero’s website which will list the organisations within your Xero account. From here you will be able to authorise Novel access to an organisation of your choice and see what permissions Novel is asking for.

Step 3

If you only have a single company within your Xero account, it will automatically be added to your chosen Organisation in Novel. If you have authorised multiple companies within your Xero account, you will be presented with a screen to choose which company you would like to connect to your Organisation in Novel. This area will display the company name, registration number and is searchable.

Step 4

Once connected the Apps page provides you with the details of the Xero company you have added. Here you will also have the option to remove your access, or if you are the admin of the Organisation in Novel, you can also remove the connection between your Novel Organisation and the Xero company. This page will display the name and registration number of the connected organisation and will also detail the Xero ID for that organisation.


Step 5 – Xero connection management

Since you may have multiple Organisations within Novel it may get a bit confusing as to the connections that you have made or you may forget over time. We have added all current connections to a centralised panel in your profile section, which can be accessed via name in the top right-hand corner. Here you can monitor which authorisations you have made and also remove or disconnect any authorisations between Xero and Novel that you no longer require.

Step 6 – Xero use within Novel

Now that you have connected Novel and Xero, you can simplify the inclusion of your costs for your R&D tax relief claim.

When in the Financials sections of an organisation you will be able to add costs to your claim to the following R&D tax relief cost categories:

  • Subcontractors
  • Externally Provided Workers
  • Consumables
  • Software Costs
  • Clinical Trial Volunteers

When you click to import costs from Xero you will be presented with all costs in a claim period that are allowable for R&D, these are:

  • Direct Costs
  • Overheads 
  • Expenses

Your first import may take a little while, please allow a few minutes for this, but when it’s complete you will be presented with a table of these costs.

You will see this loading screen whilst waiting for costs to be imported.

These costs can be filtered by the Account type. Select the costs you wish to import and then these will appear imported into your claim. Complete the missing data required for an R&D claim and then save, the costs will be shown with a Xero badge so you will know if something is imported or added manually to a claim, and from where.

As you are adding costs to your claim throughout the period you will be able to resync the data with Xero to import any new data into Novel. This process will be much quicker than your first import.

An empty Costs table detailing that you can import costs from Xero