How to use the Tasks section?

Love them or hate them, task lists are a great way to stay organised. We’ve all had that sinking feeling when we realise we didn’t remember to include something important. Forgetting to include an important piece of information could be the difference between having a successful claim or getting an inquiry from HMRC and being refused relief.

There is a lot of important information that needs to be included and we recognised that knowing which details are crucial can sometimes feel overwhelming, and the Tasks tab is there to guide you through it.

The Tasks tab in Novel is a blend between a project management tool and a to-do list, which shows your R&D claim progress and different categories of tasks to ensure you are doing everything correctly. Let’s dive deeper into where to find the Tasks tab in Novel and how to use it.

The Tasks section

1. You can find the Tasks tab in your left hand Navigation

2. This opens up the Tasks page in Novel, where you can see different types of tasks broken down into general tasks and claim specific tasks.

3. Tasks are broken down into Must do and Should do tasks. Must do tasks are all tasks that are necessary in order to submit your R&D tax relief claim. You will not be able to finalise your R&D claim within Novel without completing all the General and claim specific Must do tasks. Should do tasks are a nice addition to your claim and help it be more robust, but they are not required.

Tasks that have already been completed will have a checkmark next to them.

3. General tasks provide an overarching view of your business, such as your company description, field of R&D and UTR. In the case of completing a compliant R&D tax relief claim, these are all required, which is why you see them in the Must do column. 

Novel, R&D tax relief software, task list, to do list, project management

4. Claim specific tasks are broken down further into tasks for two types of users:

  • Technical User Tasks provides information and explains the R&D activities
  • Financial User Tasks breaks down the costs that have been incurred in carrying out the work set out by the technical narrative

To learn more about what type of users these are, read our blog here or below.

The benefit of breaking down tasks between technical and financial users is to offer transparency to the claim preparation process by helping the team see what everyone is responsible for inputting into the platform. It also leads towards a more robust R&D tax relief claim because there is little guesswork involved because the users that are required to input the information are the people who have the relevant knowledge or carried out the activity.

Novel, R&D tax relief software, task list, to do list, project management

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