Novel User Guide

Trouble accessing account

1. Go to
2. Enter your username which is [email] and click Send Code
3. A successful message should appear along with Code and New Password fields
4. You should receive an email from copy the code from there into Code field
5. Enter new password into New Password field and click Reset button
6. You should be redirected to the login screen where you should enter your username [email] and the newly changed password and press Login.

Adding organisation

1. Under the Create Organisation, in the field where it says ‘Search Companies House’, write out either the name the company is registered as on Companies House or the Company Number. Give it 5-10 seconds to load. A field should appear under with the name of the company, click on it.
2. After the click, the field will expand and show Current Accounting Period and past accounting periods. Underneath there should be a button that says Confirm Organisation Details, click on it to proceed.
3. The next step is to add payment details. In order to proceed further you will need to add payment information but don’t worry, the 3 month free trial automatically gets applied so you won’t be charged until the trial period is over.