Collaborate with your team in Novel

The reality of innovation is that it’s often a collaborative and information-sharing process, sometimes even referring to information that not all parties are privy to, such as staff costs. If it was up to one person to claim R&D tax relief for themselves, the whole process probably would have been easier. But it seems that innovation likes company so we’ve built features in Novel that allow you to easily collaborate with others on your claim and keep everything organised from start to finish.

How to add a user

After you’ve added an organisation to Novel, you will automatically be granted admin access rights. This means you have access to all the information.

1. To add a new user to an organisation, click the Users tab in the left-hand navigation.

2. This opens up the Users page in Novel, where you can then click the button in the middle that says, Add User.

Novel, R&D tax relief software, users, type of users

3. This will open up a new page where you can either search for existing Novel users by email or username or add a new user by clicking Add User.

For example, let’s try adding John Smith to Novel. First, we check whether he’s already on the platform by either typing his name or username. From the image below, we can see that John Smith isn’t a user, yet, so let’s add him by clicking Invite New User.

Novel, R&D tax relief software, users, type of users, research and development software

4. When you click Invite New User, you will need to provide some details about the new user, such as their name, email address and assign them a username. Keep in mind that the username cannot be changed.

5. Next you will need to choose what Type of User they are. You have three user types to choose from which have different levels of access. Once you’ve chosen what type of user they are, click Invite User.

RoleRead OnlyEditor
Technical UserHas access to everything in the system apart from the Financials page, but cannot write or edit any content, only read it. Most likely candidates for this user type are:

– Financial Directors
– Head of Finance
– Accountants internal or external
Has access to everything in the system apart from the Financials page, and can add information.

This user type is ideal for anyone who has undertaken the R&D activities and is able to write about them.
Financial UserHas access only to the Financials page but cannot write or edit any content, only read it. Most likely candidates for this user type are:

– Chief Technology Officer
– Development Leads
– Head of R&D
Has access only to the Financials page and can write or edit any content. Most likely candidates for this user type are:

– Accountant
– Project Manager 
– Head of R&D
– Chief Technology Officer

Admin – Has full control of the organisation with the ability to add, edit, delete users and update payment information.

You can also have more than one type of user access. So if you have a person who would be in charge of writing the technical narrative but is privy to the financial information of the R&D projects, albeit not wanting to edit it, you could grant them Technical User (Editor) and Financial User (Read Only).

6. Once you’ve clicked Invite User, Novel will send the credentials to the email address that you had inserted. When the new user first logs in, they will see your organisation in the Organisation List and will be able to start using the system.

How do I remove a user from my organisation? 

1. Only an Admin can remove someone from an organisation. To remove someone from an organisation, go to the User tab in the left-hand navigation, click on the user you want to delete, scroll down and then click Delete User. Novel will double-check if you’re sure you want to delete the user, after which the user will be deleted.

Do you charge per user?

We do not charge per user but per organisation. Therefore, there is no limit to how many people you can add as users to your organisation to complete your R&D tax relief claim. Instead, you will always pay a flat fee of £50 + VAT per month.

Still have questions?

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