R&D tax relief claims.

Track your research and development projects and complete your R&D tax relief claims, all in one place. Say goodbye to forgetting your tasks or crunching numbers on tax calculators – Novel does it for you and helps you make stronger R&D tax relief claims.

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Create professional claims at a price you can afford using
R&D tax relief software

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, we want R&D tax reliefs to be accessible. We don’t charge on a percentage basis. Instead, we have an easy subscription pricing model with the first 3 months free.

Why Novel

A software solution for your R&D tax relief claims

Third party integration

Integrate with Companies House and your own payroll service to quickly add information and start claiming.

Built-in claim checker

Collaborate and record your projects activities in real time with our built-in R&D ranker that checks the quality of your claim.

Consultant support

If you have questions or need a second opinion, reach out in the app and we will help, or use Novel's built-in resources.

Spend less time, claim more

With just a few clicks, quickly create claims for multiple years and start inputting your research and development projects.

Write compelling R&D tax relief claims without getting lost

Collaborate with your team, subcontractors and accountants to create your next R&D tax relief claim without the complexity, quickly and efficiently using a simple input system.

Find out if your company qualifies for R&D tax relief

The R&D tax relief scheme is remarkably inclusive and companies in any sector can be eligible, but HMRC has specific guidelines on what activities qualify for relief. Find out below whether you can claim research and development tax relief.