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Novel's pricing philosophy sets us apart from other enterprise software. Taking into account the cyclical nature of R&D tax relief claim preparation, charges are based on the number of active organisations in your workspace. This means that rather than charging per organisation regardless of usage, our pricing model ensures you only pay for organisations you’re actively working on. P.S. we don't charge per user either.

No excessive charges

for inactive organisations

Claim preparation is not an everyday endeavour and our price reflects this. Projects ebb and flow, and your organisation's needs can change from month to month. Instead of a conventional pricing model that leaves you overpaying during dormant periods or charges you to download a report, our billing model automatically adjusts depending on how long it takes to prepare a claim.

Simple, activity-based pricing

How many claims do you complete per month?

We work on

Claim per month

Expected cost

per month*

Cost breakdown
  • £50 monthly platform fee
  • £30 per additional organisation
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* Subject to VAT

What features can you find in Novel?

There's more than meets the eye

Novel no lock in contracts
No lock-in contracts
Novel helps you follow HMRC's filing requirements
Compatibility with HMRC's filing requirements
Novel provides informative dashboards and reports
Informative dashboards and reports
Novel has built-in calculators and aggregators to help its users
Built-in calculators and aggregators
Novel provides different user level permissions
User level permissions
Novel in app support
In-app support

What happens when ...

What happens when you start using Novel?

Once we have added your consultancy to the platform, your initial subscription grants you monthly access to the platform with all its features and benefits as well as one organisation. This is a flat rate fee that does not change. Each additional organisation you add will be billed depending on its activity status.

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What happens when you stop working on a claim?

If Novel detects that no edits have been made to a particular organisation's R&D tax relief claim, your billing statement will adjust accordingly and you won't be charged for the months the organisation was not worked on. Additionally, if you mark the claim as finalised, we will consider activity on that claim to have ceased.

Novel helping you with research and development tax reliefs

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